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A generation of duty bound citizens who are geared up to solve public problems can transform our society and make this world a better place to live. When such traits are imbibed in children during their developmental years, they become leaders of change. This is what we believe. So, through Karthavyam, we provide a platform to the changemakers and social problem solvers of society to facilitate children to engage with social problems around their neighbourhood. Read more…

Resources from Team Karthavyam

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” said Ben Franklin. At Karthavyam, we believe in involving students to solve public problems. When every school participates in public problem solving, we can create a generation that is emphatic to social problems and find innovate ways to engage with the community to solve them. In our resources page, you can find activities for students to identity and understand a problem and implement solutions. Read more… 

Stories by students

Identifying social problems and understanding its complexities are the few first steps before solving them. Students of HLC walked around their neighbourhood and found that the most prevailing issues are related to waste segregation, lake depletion, roads and infrastructure and sustainable communities. Once they identified the problems, they interviewed affected people, photo-documented their issues and analyzed them as to how their problems were in the past, how they are now and how they would manifest in the future. The following are links to their stories. 

Waste Segregation

Roads and Infrastructure

Lake Conservation

Sustainable Communities