Garbage on lakes


Always when open my window I see a beautiful lake with a bright sun but with that beautiful scenery there is also garbage in the side of the lake. This garbage near the lake don’t only affect humans but also affect animals in that area. A year ago while I used to pass by that area there were fishes all over the place and people used to go fishing out there and also I could see the beautiful birds migrating from the north. The garbage has affected the water very bad as the fishes couldn’t live over there. Soon the garbage would go inside the lake and decrease the oxygen level in the lake. There are a couple of dustbins in this area but it is far away so the people who live in the rural areas leave their garbage in the lake.


There are a couple of mind sets to be followed while solving this problem. Creating confidence – Obviously for solving any problem the first step is to create confidence. Optimism – In this process some people may cooperate or some may not so you need the hopefulness and confidence to do the task.