The Social Problems in my neighbourhood


There are no sidewalks (pavement) so people have to walk on the service lanes and this is not safe for the people because cars can hurt them.My solution for this would be to add a sidewalk by going to the President of the local Panchayath and request for sidewalks and I will understand why they have not done this yet(example: no funding.Then i will ask people to donate funds to make this happen so that lives can be saved). If we will want to fix these problems, we will need to have people who will take up the initiative with the following mindsets: don’t only stay in the idea stage make it happen, taking ambiguity positively, empathy for the people who walk on the roads everyday. Now the reason I am saying that this cause should be supported is because we can save lives by doing this.So this initiative is a cause which I believe should be supported in any which way possible.