Social problems closer to my home


We live in a township called Bollineni Hillside; which is home for more than 1000 families and approximately 2 miles away from my school. Everyday my parents drop and pick me from school. When I was returning back from my school along with my mom, I saw a dog bathing in a polluted waste water pond. I saw that the whole place is filled with garbage, so I felt that this may cause diseases to the dog and this disease can spread to the kids playing nearby areas! So, it is obvious that the pond should be cleaned to prevent diseases; which shall benefit everyone.

Polluted water pond near our township

Then after that, I noticed that the road was improperly laid and most of the road seems washed away in rain waters. Immediately I realized that this is very hazardous and can cause accidents. Then, I saw that a lorry was leaving behind a lot of dust & smoke which is causing air pollution too! And, as we know, air pollution can cause diseases especially lung diseases such as asthma etc., when inhaled. This can be prevented by laying proper roads; which will also help us doing safe driving for all using this road!!

A lorry leaving lot of dust on the road we travel daily to the school

On going on the same road; I was stunned to find huge piles of construction wastes like tiles and used cement sacks, thrown on both sides of the road. If none of us bother to take them off, then they might cause environment pollution and became home for harmful microorganisms. I thought that instead of piling up these near the road, they can be dumped properly in a dump yard, if there is no use of this waste or the construction companies can reuse them by using the sacks and the waste tiles for beautifying the construction site as well as use as fencing for small garden areas and well maintained areas!


Construction waste near the road we travel daily

Near my house, there is a beautiful Peepal tree, where the surroundings are not maintained well. The whole area is full of garbage, many harmful organisms like snakes & poisonous insects live there! These creatures can easily come out into houses and may harm any persons anytime, which is very scary!! I strongly believe that the place can be safe from these snakes only when the place is well maintained by cleaning it properly and regularly, landscaping it with grass and keeping a few sit-out benches for relaxation for elderly people etc., which shall make the place more attractive for everyone to relax under the tree and make our surroundings very beautiful & lively!

A beautiful Peepal tree in poorly maintained area closer to my home

I feel that if everyone tries to take care of our surroundings; we can keep our township, roadways, places we go etc., all beautiful; which will also benefit all of us living a healthy life!