Thursday, June 13, 2024

Naveen Mahesh

Naveen is the Founder Director and Managing Trustee of HLC International. Naveen spent many years with startups in India and the US before becoming interested in education in India. What he initially started as learning experiments in schools 15 years ago, has now become a habit of innovation in education redesign. He is passionate about getting schools to meet the global capacity challenge using emerging innovations and dynamic solutions.”


Padma Iyer

Raaji (as she is affectionately called) is any CEO’s favourite COO. From an early age, she showed phenomenal execution skills and team building capabilities and she has used it to great effect, both in corporate sector (while working in Morgan Stanley, NY) and in social and community work (HLC International, and Ability Foundation). She brings great inspiration to her work and it is infectious and inspiring to work alongside her.


Lakshmi Ramasubramaniam

Lakshmi is a Commerce graduate from Meenakshi and completed ICWA ( Inter) as well along with that. She has more than 15 years experience in K-12 education and she loves working with children. She has discovered her core purpose in Karthavyam and champions it in schools across Chennai and Tamil Nadu. She wants all children to be aware of social issues around them and start doing their bit towards solving them.


K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar

Ramnath worked as a resident faculty at HLC International. He is an award-winning nature photographer and conservation educator who works in a space where photography, filmmaking and education converge and is championing nature education in every school. This allows him to build a body of work in conservation education and reach people from all walks of life. He also co- founded Youth For Conservation, a non- profit education initiative which focuses on imparting knowledge about nature and conservation using the visual medium.


Aparna Ravi Kannan

Aparna is a Post-graduate in Business Economics from Ethiraj College, Chennai. She loves working with children, especially younger ones. She is passionate about helping each child learn as much as possible without ever having to stop being a kid. She believes that early childhood is the best time for exploring everything, by seeing the kids grow in the environment where they can learn social, emotional, cognitive and problem solving, kids view everything in a different perspective which makes wonder, oh the kids think in this way too! She wants all children to be aware of the environment and helping children become both fluent and flexible thinkers.