A bit too dark


It always really dark at night. On the streets, you really have no idea what’s going on because there are just NO lights!! Nobody knows what animal or who is walking past and what about people walking around at night, they trip over a pipe that is sticking out of the ground? That’s why I chose this topic to work on.

Interview 1: Deepa Mukherjee (my mom)

I chose my mom because, I think, she has used that road a lot; when it’s dark.

Question 1: What do you feel when you drive on the road, in the dark?

Answer: I’m scared. If there are pedestrians walking or crossing the road, I wouldn’t want to bash into them. Even the stray dogs at night

run across the road and sometimes, you miss it by an inch!

Question 2: Does anything else bother you?

Answer: The vehicles coming the opposite direction have their headlights switched on, and that shoots light right into your face and it’s not comfortable.

Question 3: If you were told to do something about it, what would you do?

Answer: We have already done something, but it’s very small little deed; the entry and exit of our complex have really bright lights, so the tiny shops near by and people staying in the complex,  can go out and come in with no fear in crashing into another vehicle.

Interview 2: Saurav Mukherjee

I thought of choosing my dad because he doesn’t drive on this road much. I wanted to know what the difference would be.

Question 1: What do you feel when you use this road at night?

Answer: When I drive I’m scared of hitting people, animals and other vehicles and when I’m walking I’m scared of tripping and falling….. and crime, nobody knows what could happen at night.

Question 2: Does anything else bother you?

Answer: There are no reflectors at the back of motor bikes and cycles, no one can see them at night. Usually there are cows sitting around, . .  but you never know if they’re sitting in the middle of the road until you shine your own vehicles light on them.

Question 3: If you were told to do something about the streets being                dark, what would you do?

Answer: As a group we could go and tell the other small shops nearby to    put up few bright lights around their shops so that the street will get some of it too. We can also approach the local Panchayath to put a few lights, at least in the places where it’s really dark.

Interview 3: A person who works in Decathelon

Question 1: Does the dark road at night trouble you, whenever you use this road?

Answer: Not so much because I use the road only early in the morning     and at night, when there is not much traffic.

Question 2: Nothing else bothers you, like dogs or other animals that you can’t see?

Answer: It depends, if I’m driving fast, it would be a problem. If i’m driving slowly maybe I can hit the breaks in time.

Question 3: Now let’s say you’ve been told to do something about it, fix   it, what would you do?

Answer: Maybe talk to the Panchayath about it, but another small thing we’ve done, I think, we’ve put a lot of lights around Decathlon, this lights up the area in front of the store too.