Dirty Water Causing Trouble


I started my walk in the evening after school hours on Monday. Luckily I didn’t have to walk long distances, as i found a social problem nearby, within 500m surrounding. I found this as a major problem because this troubles a lot of people from taking the shortcut route and that’s not the only reason, when i looked deeply i could see lots of mosquitoes and some garbages on it which is highly dangerous for people living very closely to it and it could cause fatal problems to them. The obvious diseases caused by this is ‘Dengue’ and ‘malaria’, diseases caused by infected mosquito bites, this can lead to many more problems like illness and other severe problems!. This dirty water stays here for weeks sometimes!. When there’s rain all the water goes and gets accumulated on the end of the road because of the slight tilt of the road and then when people wash their cars and many more thing similar happens on the road, the water gets mixed in that water, making it dirty. As road is also a reason for this problem we just can’t blame at it, This problem is also caused by us , if we can prevent letting dirty water mixing with the rain water and people throw garbages the mosquitoes wouldn’t be there. So, we can prevent the problem and let the rain water dry fast. I think we have to stop this problem fast or else the chances of people getting diseases will just increase, we aren’t the only ones who get affected even the plants nearby will get affected and they will start to die.

Note: Started late couldn't get much proper pictures!. There was more water Just before the day i started!.
Note: Started late couldn’t get much proper pictures!. There was more water Just before the day i started!.

SOLUTION: The best and easiest way to solve this is to advise people what their actions can cause to the whole community, so that they will not do it again by having a fear in their mind of the dangers that could affect them and their family. Next, they will start to advise other people who do this and it keeps continuing and the problem could be solved instead of blaming others

 MINDSETS: To solve this social problem I think i’ll need lots of ’positiveness’ and ‘confidence’ to take up the problem and ‘make it real’ mindset is needed for me to get in action to solve it and i think the main mindset needed is ‘learn from failures’ and ‘iterate’ to not give up from failures but to learn from the mistakes and prevent it and not to do it next time .