Garbage thrown into lakes


Mapping a Social Issue

My social problem occurs mostly in our country only. As Narayanapuram Lake is not such a famous lake although it is located in one of the most important places in the city. I could not get much insight of the past but a lot for the future as this is a very fast developing area. Recently the lake has been restored by the resident of Pallikaranai with the help of Sabari Green Foundation

Past scenario of the lake

This lake has been for 30 years in this city and this is one of the most least bothered lake. When compared with other lakes in this city this is actually small, this must be the only reason for less attention given to the lake. There is small part of rural area besides the lake from the starting, so that must be the only reason for the garbage in the lake. In my recce, one of my interviewee stated that “Throwing garbage into the lake and washing clothes has been happening for years, so it is going to be a very tough task to stop that from happening until we educate them”. That is very much true, as this is a rural area, they wouldn’t understand until we educate them properly and washing clothes and taking a bath in the lake has become a day to day routine for them so it is going to be a very tough task. 30 years ago this area was not much known as there was nothing famous in here, so this carelessness led to a huge issue.

Present scenario of the lake

As you know this never stops when it becomes a routine and they are never warned, so this is still continuing. As the lake is in a bit lowered level compared to the roads it is a very much known that people would not care much about the lake. While compared to Pallikaranai Marsh land the width of the river is really small but when you look at it, it doesn’t look like that. It takes a maximum of 10 seconds to cross the road alongside the lake. The surplus flow of water from Madipakkam Lake, Keezhkattali Lake, Pallavaram Periya Eri, Kovilambakkam Lake and Nanmangalam Lake should flow to the marshlands through the lake waterway outlets. This has been one of the areas which has been affected by the North East Monsoon. There has been an organization called Sabari Green Foundation which has taken up the initiative of cleaning up the lake with the residents of Pallikaranai and the affected people. There are arrangements made for the upcoming North East Monsoon, like putting mud alongside the lake as it doesn’t over flow so quickly and it will take a lot time for it to overflow because already the lake is in a very low level compared to the roads. This is one of the main reasons for diseases in this nation

Future of the lake

In my recce all my 3 interviewees stated that if there was a fence alongside the lake so that it is safe for animals and us. There are only three ways which this Problem can lead to 1) People getting aware of the problem and getting educating making the lake a peaceful place 2) Nobody cares about the lake and it continues to be like this and becomes worse 3) Government taking proper action towards the lake and cleaning it. I would always wish at least the first or third point becomes true.

In other countries they do not allow people to throw garbage at the lakes and they actually follow it, so this doesn’t even happen in other countries. If at all this type of problem happens in other countries they would take immediate precautions and solve the problem.


Questions for the expert

1) Have you experienced this type of problem?

2) What are the immediate things you would do for this problem?

3) Do you think this is a serious issue compared to other problems?

4) What would you do for the immediate precautions for the upcoming North East Monsoon?

5) Is there any problem which is similar to this and it is solved in the city? Can you brief about it.