Cleaning dirty water


Problem Statement:

How can we clean the dirty water and making the place better

Location: In and around Thuraipakkam, 1st street. 300m away from my house.Half street filled with this dirty water.

I started my walk on Monday evening. I saw that the solving process of the problem has started, so I couldn’t get much pictures of it. I saw them adding brick pieces on the dirty water then cover it with some small stones, I thought that it would be a long lasting solution because the stones would hold down the water making it seems no one water is there. I had to visit the place several times as I couldn’t find interviewees. Think what would the vehicles do to cross over? Only way is to go on the dirty water!, splattering water all over the place. Problems leads to problems until they are permanently solved!, so let’s go understand the problem.

Now, let’s take a look at the pictures of the problem:


This shows there’s garbages and plastics on the dirty water which pollutes the water more and making the dirty water stay more longer!


This picture tells that there are grown plant and budding plants around the area which are affected by the dirt water. More insects come over there and it may be a place for it to breed and increase the danger!. Thus it could also affect the food chain there.


This picture shows there’s a pathway next to the walls for crossing over the dirty water. It seems it’s the only way to cross over the water before the stones were put.Walking over there might be a problem because insect and other small reptiles live there which may attack you causing danger. There were some algaes on the dirt water which I couldn’t picture, these algae can totally affect the food chain occurring there.

Interview Script

Please note: People didn’t want to give their pictures due to their personal safety reasons.

  1. Name:Ravi


Gender: Male

Role: Affected person.

Question And Answer script:

  1. Do you think this problem affects you in any way? If so why?

Answer: Yes, it does. While I go for shopping I use this path as it’s a shortcut to the markets and etc or else i have to walk 3 times this distance to reach the place.

  1. Do you have any idea for solving this problem?

Answer: No, i didn’t think much about it.

  1. If you had one would you implement the idea and why?

Answer: I would try to implement it, so that I don’t have to use the long road everyday but I may not be able to do because I have no time, I have to go for job, so I would not have the time to implement.


  1. How do you feel about having this problem in your community area?

Answer: Obviously I would feel bad having this in my area which reduces people coming to this area and it’s really sad that it’s taking long time to solve and I feel a bit happy that the government has started working on it.


  1. How long have you been living here and how long has this problem been here.

Answer: I have been living here for nearly for a year. This problem was here since I came and I saw this first in the chennai floods time. No matter how much it rains all water just stays there till it gets completely dirty.

2) Name: Vasu

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Role: Affected person

Question And Answer script:

  1. Do you think this problem affects you in any way? If so why?

Answer: Actually it affects me a lot. I couldn’t use the shortcut road for going to places, i couldn’t walk over to my neighbours house as it’s fully wet.

  1. Do you have any idea for solving this problem and would you implement it?

Answer: Yes, I did have one. I would implement if i have enough time and people’s support for talking to the govt. Officials to get this fixed. As already the solving process for this problem has started I don’t think that I need to implement my idea.

  1. Your opinion of this problem?

Answer:The problem can lead to various other problems.This have to be cleared  immediately so that people don’t get affected.

  1. What do you think and feel about having this problem in your area?

Answer: As everyone I do feel pretty sad. I would think what would other people feel about this place. And I think this problem have to be solved as soon as possible so that it doesn’t trouble or make people feel sad.

  1. How long have you been living here and how long has this problem been here.

Answer: I have been living here for along time. I think this problem started when the tar roads  were shifted to concrete roads, that’s when the levelling of the road problem started so did this.

3) Name: Karthick


Gender: Male

Role:Affected person

Question and answer script:

  1. Are you one of them who is affected by this problem?

Answer: Yes, I am but i’m not really much affected by this problem.

  1. Your opinion on this problem and how often do you use this path?

Answer: The path’s in the worst condition, it’s really hard to cross over that area. It stinks quite a  bit and if you use the side paths, there are lots of insects which troubles a lot. I don’t use this road much often.

3.What you do feel about this issue?

Answer: I feel quite disgusted to have this near my area. At the same time i feel sad that no one  came up to solve this problem.

4. How long do you live here and do you know what caused this problem?

Answer: I live here for 3-4 years. It was proper before we had the concrete road, I think the constructors caused this problem.

  1. Did you have any idea to solve the problem? Did you implement it?

Answer: I didn’t have much of idea for this, I just told to my neighbour to complain about this problem to the government. I didn’t have a proper idea, so I didn’t implement it.