Can we have a home for mongrels


When told to find issues in my neighbourhood, I thought there was nothing of that sort and imagined myself having a tough time trying to find a problem. But when I went for a walk to find an issue in my neighbourhood, it was barely 5 minutes until I stopped; I had found an issue that needed immediate attention.


I saw a dog with rashes and it seemed as if it was in this condition for long. It was skinny, with red, bloody rashes on it and looked as if it was about to die. I knew what I had to do; contact Blue Cross immediately. But when the Blue Cross members came, the dog was nowhere to be seen. These dogs may cause many diseases to the residents of Bollineni. The next day, the same dog slept in front of our home, and I thought of doing the same as last time. I gave it some food, and had it with us till the Blue Cross members arrived.


One more issue I found it Bollineni was, pet owners not cleaning their pets’ wastes on the road and side paths. About 1/3 of the people in Bollineni have pets, but only 1/4 of the pet owners clean their pets’ wastes. I knew I had to do something, though I didn’t know what. I tried to inform the pet owners’ about how to dispose their dogs’ wastes, but only about 1/2 of them bothered to listen. Even the ones who listened didn’t bother to follow it. I knew I could create an impact if repeated the same thing again and again. Till now I’ve only changed the mind of 2 people, though I’m pretty sure I can change the rest of the people’s mind soon.