Poor Garbage management


My problem was the poor and inappropriate management of waste in Kalakshetra colony, Besant nagar. It was a problem that rose up  recently (past 7 months) in this area. This issue didn’t have much history to it, but it was enough to work with. It wasn’t too difficult to investigate either.

We have to begin at the history of the colony. Earlier , the place was much cleaner and when the minor municipalities didn’t come, the people themselves cleaned the extra garbage which was outside. From what I’ve found out , the dustbins were in the appropriate areas and perfectly managed by the society. Now the situation is a mixture of too many different circumstances.

The place now, is not very well maintained (even though the municipality comes occasionally to collect the garbage in the bins)as it was before mainly because most people don’t seem to care about the issue. The garbage is dumped in the bins in an uneven and careless way, in which half the thrash doesn’t even go into the bin. So the garbage is basically lying around the bin, which spoils the road for cars as the road was narrow already, so now its even worse.Not to mention the stench that the rotting garbage causes. There are a lot of people who live in the apartments opposite the garbage cans and they are greatly affected by this problem.  I have interviewed 3 people  who all use those roads regularly, and they all  said that it’s not the government that is to be blamed for the issue, but the people in the neighbourhood, who have to deal with the problem that they themselves have caused.


As you can see, the waste has been improperly thrown, causing it to fall off and lie around the bin.
As you can see, the waste has been improperly thrown, causing it to fall off and lie around the bin.

The future is hardly positive , considering the situation on our hands now. But there are still a lot of ways in which it could be brighter. The changes in the future are describable though. In the future , we will have a lot more advanced technology that can be used for even small areas. So this will make it a lot easier for the deposited garbage to be collected by the municipality. The roads have a high possibility of being widened in the near future,  which will certainly help too.

Other countries are very neat and proper , mainly because the people are cooperative of the management of waste, and the schedule of the collectors’ duty is properly organised , with perfect placement and maintenance of bins and correct segregation.  The people may have encountered  problems with the waste in the past , but they are always immediate in work and reaction. If only the people in this country would work harder towards this specific issue, it could be a brighter future and a cleaner environment to live in.

Just a small comparison of the foreign bin
to the indian garbage bin
to the indian garbage bin