A tiny plot of dry grass


The Problem: A tiny plot of dry, brown grass on my front porch that turns out to look not so good when looking at it microscopically. Now it is time to analyse the problem using the mindsets we have learned.

I came to learn about this problem when I was walking to my house after coming back from school on Monday.

Creative Confidence: Obviously creative confidence is required to solve this issue and to proceed from the idea step alone!

Make it: I have to think of a solution and DO IT in order to fix the problem.

Ambiguity: I was doubtful when I thought if this was actually a problem.

Optimism: I need to be positive in order to fix this issue.

Iterate: I need to keep checking on the grass to see it has grown, I also need to repeat the process if the same issue occurs elsewhere.

Empathy: Not really sure, I think I need to be really considerate about the well being of the other plants nearby and need to use enough resources to solve this issue.

Learning from failure: If the problem isn’t fixed then I need to try another solution to fix this.

Though this may not seem to be a really big problem that disturbs the community as a whole, it pains me to understand how only that tiny piece of grass became dry when the others are normal! Even visitors may feel the same.