The problems in my neighbourhood


The main problem in my neighbourhood is the garbage. There is only one big bin in the whole street and that is overflowing with the amount of garbage people areĀ putting in. The people even put the garbage around the bins, not in it. The bigger problem that this poses is the garbage emits a foul smell which is really affecting the atmosphere. The garbage also occupies space on the narrow street so when cars pass, they sometimes run over the garbage, and the drivers are disgusted by the look of their tires. This is the one big problem persisting in my neighbourhood.

The solutions that I have thought of for these problems, in my opinion, should be easy enough and can be executed properly. The first one is that the municipal garbage collectors should come more often and empty the bins. The overflowing garbage bin can be reduced by people reducing the amount of garbage they put in. They can also reuse things instead of just dumping it into the bin. The people can also get 2 more garbage bins instead of making the residents manage with one.


The mindsets that the people should have are Creative confidence, as the problem will never get solved if they are not confident, or if they remain in the idea stage alone. They will also have to have optimism and empathy, to feel the effects of this problem and solve it. One or 2 of the solutions may fail a few times, but they will have to learn from them and move on. Those are the mindsets.