Wastage of resources in roads


I started my walk on Sunday, 24/7/16 around 7:30 a.m., with my father. Eventually after walking some distance I saw a concrete road being built.


I greatly welcomed this move since the concrete roads last much longer than the usual tar roads. Countries in the west usually use concrete roads, since concrete roads are much more efficient(when built with proper supervision) than the tar roads. In India most roads are made up of tar. Tar roads are subjected to lots of wear. In tar roads, potholes are easily formed. These potholes cause many problems to daily commuters travelling by vehicles. Due to this the government, re-layers the tar road almost every year. This causes a wastage in materials.


Another reason for the wastage of resources in roads is, lack of proper supervision. In my walk I could see newly laid concrete roads, which were laid barely a week back, which had cracks in them. Making a road costs a many number of lakh rupees. And if this is the situation in one place alone how many crores of rupees could be lost, due to improper supervision and wastage of materials in India?


The first and the hardest step is to “make it” .Next to solve this problem one needs confidence, to ask government officials to change the ways of how roads are built and also one needs confidence to give publicity to the issue. It is also very important to learn from failure and always show optimism since it is common for your problem to get ignored but the real task is to move on and approach another person to help you solve your problem. Embracing ambiguity and empathy are also necessary mindsets. The Global Goals for this problem are ‘Innovation and Infrastructure’, for new ideas to build roads ; ‘Quality Education’ for proper supervision in building roads and ‘Responsible Consumption’ of materials.