Stagnant Pond


The problem: There is a stagnant pond in my apartment. It is a safe haven for mosquitos where they breed. This has become a problem because after 7pm you can’t stand near that pond without the mosquitos biting you. This can cause several diseases such as malaria, dengue, etc. As you can see in the picture there are algae in the water. Animals drinking water from this pond can get ill and die.


The solution: Cleaning the pond will stop the mosquitos from breeding in that pond and will also make it safe for animals to drink water from the pond but this also means that snakes will come to the pond and since there is a road near that pond the snakes will open fire on the people and their pets. So this leaves us with only one option: terminate the pond.

Creative confidence : I wouldn’t be destroying the pond if i didn’t have confidence as it will involve a lot of money

Optimism : I need to be positive that I can destroy the pond.

Make it real : Talk to everyone in my apartment and get them to back me and then implement my ideas.

Learning from failures : I can’t afford to lose. I will succeed in destroying the pond as i always have in all my projects (mostly).