Construction sites and labourers


I did my Karthavyam activity in my street, just by walking up and down. All my photos were taken in one day, and I did the write-up the next day.

photo-3 photo-4

The problems that I have identified are mainly problems to do with social disturbances. As many might have seen, during the construction of buildings, the material is usually dumped outside on the roads, blocking the road. This can cause traffic jams, especially on narrow roads.


The garbage is very often dumped on the streets instead of in bins. This causes a problem as the stench emanating from the piles is very disturbing. Also, when it rains, the garbage is washed all over the street, increasing risk of disease. The garbage is not disposed of regularly. At one end of the street, there is also a roadside automobile shop. Cars are parked right at the corners, risking collision from turning vehicles.


At one of the construction sites, electric cables have been dug up and left exposed. This is hazardous to people, especially when it rains.

At many construction sites, families of labourers come to live there. If they have small children, they are at risk from various construction equipment and dugout holes. They do not receive an education, and sometimes are asked to physically help out.

Roadside stalls are convenient, but they block the sidewalks, causing pedestrians to walk on the dangerous main road.

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