Gensets wasting fuel and electricity


Problem: generator wasting fuel and electricity.

Inside my apartments, there are many generators for each block.Sometimes, when you see them,they will be running in times where the power supply is present.This causes many problems which will be explained in the coming paragraphs.

The problems that can occur due to this running in unwanted times are air pollution, noise pollution and wastage of fuel. Air pollution occurs in the process of generating electricity. The generator can release harmful gases and as there are many of these generators, it causes a major problem  for us. The generators are placed on the other side of the foot path so when people are walking, The harmful gas might enter their nose and can cause problems to them such as coughing and it is really dangerous if those people have weezing.

Noise pollution also occurs because of the process of generating electricity. The noise pollution creates a really major impact on the environment as the generators are placed in a really wrong area.They are placed in an area that is surrounded by trees. This causes a huge problem to birds and small insects as the noise produced by the generators scare them away. The noise is also very long ranged so many birds are affected during the generators running in unwanted times. Insects also get affected due to the vibration created by the generators.

Many of them fly away from the plants.

There is a lot of wastage of fuel when they run in unwanted times as there are many of them. The wastage can cost a lot and this also costs wastage in money as they have to replace the fuel with new ones.

To solve the problem, we need mindsets and the mindsets we need are iterate as we have to constantly keep doing,creative confidence as we need confidence that we can solve this problem, empathy as we have to share the feelings about the environment to the administrative of the apartment,optimism as we need to think about the success of the solution, learn from failure as we need it for developing the idea after failures.