My walk and social experiences


In my photo essay I am going to cover:

In the essay , I will cover:

  • Introduction of when I started working on my
  • what made me stop and think of that particular
    incident as a problem
  • What the problems might lead to
  • The mindsets required to solve them

As the sun peaked through the horizon and slowly drifted away a little further I shot a few
of the snaps. (roughly around 7:10 am) Now ,I am typing this and I am going to start
describing the defectives in my neighbourhood. (exactly 5:50pm)


Problem 1:

Well firstly ,I wasn’t really able to walk through the “foot path” because , all the garbage was blocking the way .Even though there is a huge dustbin , all the garbage is outside .I saw garbage blocking the road too. This irritated me and so I stopped to take a quick picture of this. If people now walk on the roads and if a fast biker/driver comes by , this could lead to an increase of road accidents!


Problem 2:

Continuing to stroll around , I later saw that people from my very own community had to
pump out water from the ground EVERYDAY and there is garbage so close to that place which may lead to the dust settling on top of the water that they use for DRINKING,BATHING and COOKING! I immediately found the need to capture this
incident as this may lead to many consecutive problems! Not only the people but even the dog is getting affected;in that picture it is sniffing the garbage which can lead to problems!


Problem 3:

When I walked a little further I noticed that we had a really bad drainage system. I was quite shocked when I saw that the path of the drainage went right through the entrance of a house! In fact the water came out of the drainage into the roads! This of course is a
serious problem and so I thought that I should capture the defective. This can lead to dangerous issues.

Not only at this construction site but at many others, the materials used for building are left at the road and when I thought about the consequences, I stopped and quickly took a

When Little children play on the road , they might hit these objects especially the bricks
and rods which can hurt them and may at times need emergency treatments.


Mindsets required: 

After that walk I have thought about what mindsets are needed to solve these , here they

Empathetic-we need to understand their situation and make sure that we don’t affect
them in any way while solving the problem.

Positive- No matter who says what ,we should be able to think that there is always a
way to solve this.

Confidence-We need to able to move on thinking that we always can do it especially
while solving the trash can issue as many people might still tend to throw them on the

Learning from our failures-it will take quite a while for the entire issue to get solved and
there will be times when some of our solutions wont work . During these times ,we need to
learn from our failures.