Garbage education is mandatory


I started my journey with my mom on Monday, 25/07/2016 at approximately 4:45 PM. As soon as I had started walking I spotted a lot of garbage dumped towards the side of the road, where many people walk. This was very unhygienic, so I took a picture of it. Then I continued walking, but after walking another few meters, I spotted more garbage dumped on the floor, but this time it was thrown in between plants

shashanth1                                          shashanth2

Garbage being dumped carelessly on the road can spread diseases due to the mosquitoes which live on them. This can even be fatal to small children or old people. It can seriously affect people who have weak immune systems.

Some people who are not educated in these aspects tend to burn the garbage dumped on the road because they don’t want next to their houses, shops, etc…  This can cause damage to the ozone layer which protects us from the radiation from the sun.


Considering the fact that people throw garbage on the road when there is dustbin nearby, I think that people lack the knowledge of the harm littering causes. To address this, we need to educate people. For that we need to have empathy to look at thing from their point of view. Instead of just modeling a sa solution, u need to to implement it, so u need a “make it” mindset. It might not work on the first try, so you need to learn from failure.