Garbage outside Arihant Heirloom


This happened when I shifted to my new apartment. When I was going to school I see people carrying huge piles of bags ready to be thrown . Then when I came back from school at evening I see garbage on the sides of the road, a dustbin overload, and cows eating these garbages. So I took or I am going to take these actions they are putting signs in both languages english and tamil. And starting to put dustbins which can carry a lots of trash and also teach others on how to reuse the trash for other purposes. But there Is a problem the whole place should accept it which includes the politicians the people and the managers of the apartment . So I grabbed a few of my colleagues and started picking up trashes and putting them in dustbins we took 4 days then we started putting up signs and dustbins wherever they are needed. We also assigned few people for going to campaign and started to put posters everywhere we could .we firmly believed that this would be a success . So we few asked our manager and politicians to fit cctv cameras but they refused so what we did was we ourselves fitted cameras. But still they have started again .

The mindsets were used in this where positiveness and creative confidenceimg_0527  img_0528

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