Linking my problem across different timelines


During the past, about 30-40 years ago, the whole region was a rural area. There were paddy fields and not much buildings. During the recent years, these areas began to develop with more shops, IT parks and colleges. When Bollineni Hillside was being constructed in 2009, the road was built. After this, when the Tsunami colony emerged, many shops began to develop on the sides of the roads.

The development of this area is the primary reason for the waste being dumped on the sides of the road. Due to development, population increases. The number of dustbins cannot support the large amount of garbage dumped. Hence, people tend to throw the waste on sides of the road and other places.

If this region continues to develop, and if this problem is not resolved, more waste would be dumped, and the whole road would start stinking of garbage. This is just a prediction. There are many possibilities. The government (or any other organisation) could look into this problem and try to clean up the empty plots on the sides of the road.

Questions for experts:

Did these plots of land exist during the past?

Since when, did these areas began to be polluted?

What is the main factor that causes this careless form of waste disposal?

Do you think this problem will continue to persist?