How to develop the roads and make it better


Problem Statement : How to develop the roads and make it better

Location : Roads in and around Classic gardens ‚ Sholinganallur

I started my walk at around 5:30 pm on Tuesday.

I first went around to take a look at the roads myself so i get a better idea of how it is. There was not a single street with proper roads.All the roads were uneven and very small. So much dust is sprayed as each vehicle passes by which is a problem for the people who walk. Just short rains could destroy the roads .


My first interview was with Ms Indrija (Age 24‚ from Uttarakhand ) ‚ who lived in an apartment nearby. She said the roads must be repaired and good as soon as possible. The condition is absolutely pathetic. She goes to work daily and so the roads are really a problem and once when travelling with her friend her vehicle’s tyre broke and it fell and caused other problems which cost her around 16 000 Rs. She said it is really hard to get any cabs since everyone knew the roads are really bad. Government avoiding this place was the reason roads are still bad and all big trucks for water supply and all keep using these bad roads which only makes it worser. Her view was if people from all apartments inform government then they will take action. People from her floor alone have complained but since there were very less people government did not do anything.


Then I went into a small park and interviewed Mr Srinivasan (Age 46‚Living here for 3 years). When i asked him for his opinion on the roads he said that there are no roads in this place. They can’t even be called roads. The problems due to this was pollution and lot of dust.This is very troublesome when i go for walks. He said the reason it is not improving is due to lack of work and government not helping. He said there are too many apartments which have come in a short time and this is the reason it is getting worse. This also makes the bad roads a serious issue. He also said they have kept roads blocked for a long time to develop the roads but there is nothing happening. He said that they were good for 1 year then they dug up and after that they did not fix the roads. He said to solve the problem we have to protest to the chennai corporation.


After that i interviewed Mr Subramanian (Age 62‚Living here for past 3 years) He told that the roads were not good and it is very troublesome for him when he has to get a cab or auto because no one is interested to come here and they increase the rate so much just because the roads are terrible. There is no awareness from the government’s side and that’s why there is no improvement. He said that it was good for 1 year then for the metro water pipelines they dug up and ever since then it has been like this. Also after the chennai floods. He said there is a friend who has talked to the government about this and about a few other problems and updates the status to many people via a whatsapp group. He says he wants to help but due to health problems he is unable to.